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An epic trilogy of interactive Best in Galaxy novels are on their way to you. The first book and audiobook will be with you later this year and we promise, it is going to be something VERY special.

You’ll be able to interact with the characters by sending them emails, which they’ll personally reply to; plus there’s the Galaxy Killer Galaxy Base website, which you can visit now, by clicking here. You can also apply for a job with the (possibly) evil Kouncil too by clicking on the Careers page here.

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Best in Galaxy Episode 1 - Sons of the Stars

Patch and Stooch are two human supreme leaders of a tiny planet in the C’Torgis galaxy called Vondiv’d. One fateful day, their lives are disrupted by a freak natural disaster that kills them and sends them to the Inter-Life to await reincarnation.

Informed by the delectable Lacy Cutlets that they can’t be reincarnated back on Vondiv’d, she offers them the ‘next best thing’ – a life on planet Earth. Not only that, but she offers them the chance to start their new lives with their past-life memories. 

However, when Stooch is reborn on Earth, he unexpectedly arrives without his brother Patch, causing him to dedicate his life to finding his ex-brother and vacating the absolutely dreadful planet he’s ended up on, to go in search of his home planet Vondiv’d. 

Of course, the universe is on hand to help - in a big way. After all, these are the idiots that are eventually gonna save its ass!


Best in Galaxy Episode 2 - Bums of the Stars

Ssh. It’s a secret at the moment!


Best in Galaxy Episode 3 - The Third Portal

Ssh. It’s a secret at the moment!