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Best in Galaxy is the brain child of Mark Restuccia, Patch Hyde, Paul F Taylor and Olaf Falafel - the brains behind the images that have brought our nutty podcast to life.

The History

It all started back in April 2016. Within its lifespan, we have accumulated nearly 60,000 listeners from all over the world, all chomping at the bit for our nonsense.

The Story So Far...

Two idiots have found a spaceship on Clapham Common. After starting it by accident, it's now on their own heads to survive whilst lost in the big wide galaxy. With the help of an antagonistic robot C4, they attempt to survive and try to find a way home, but it's not gonna be easy. 

Tour your galaxy with our two heroes as they find out things aren't so different all over the universe...

Come and find out what all the fuss is about and join us for a tour of YOUR galaxy and beyond! We’ve been nominated for Best New Show, People’s Choice and Best Cover Art from The Star Wars Podcast Awards 2017 and also nominated as finalists for Best Comedy/Parody Podcast for the sci-fi podcast award – The Parsec Awards 2017.

It’s the lo-fi sci-fi that you never knew you needed in your life!

Best Comedy/Parody Podcast 2017

Best Comedy/Parody Podcast 2017